Dustless Sand & Refinishing Hardwood floors

We bring out the best in your hardwood floors. Refinish your hardwood floors without the dust...and without toxic fumes! We are the ONLY Certified Bona Craftsman in ALL of Northern Arizona!

-It's a lifetime commitment!-

Hardwood floors add beauty to your home and refinishing is the best way to enhance and preserve that beauty.

There is a cleaner healthier way and we can provide that for you. We have a new innovative concept a DUSTLESS process.A powerful vacuum system connected to all the sanding equipment, virtually eliminating the the airborne dust generated from the sanding process. It is the most advanced equipment available reducing dust far beyond what the traditional sanding process generates. And we are the only company in all of Northern Arizona to do this process!

Certified Craftsman

Top Level Professionals 

Our craftsman have been highly trained and certified through Bona Wood Floors. They have the best knowledge of the best practices and how to bring out the beauty of your investment in hardwood floors.

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Dustless restore Refinish


Over time the top layer of  your hardwood floor's protective surface is slowly removed by the wear and tear of daily living.  To maintain the life of your floor it's important to periodically apply a new finish layer that restores it's luster and protects it's beauty.

1. Remove dirt and grime

2. Fills in surface scratches

3. Restores sheen and luster of the floor

4. Crates a fresh protective new wear level


A complete renovation to your hardwood floors. All damage and discoloration disappears with DUSTLESS sanding and refinishing. It's also the perfect chance to update the look of  your floors with a new stain color to compliment your home!

1. Sanded to bare wood DUSTLESSLY

2. Seal or Stain applied

3. finish applied in selected durability and sheen


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